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crema detergente

Cleansing Cream is the ideal orthodermic cleansing treatment for skin, neck and body, since it performs a solvent action against the fats absorbing skin impurities.


Fluid Body Cream is recommended for sensitive skins that react to external negative stimuli, as well as for those subjects who are prone to allergic dermatitis.


Hands Cream has a soothing action against external irritants. It has anti-irritating properties thanks to functional substances such as Aloe Vera, Phytosterols and Glycyrrhetinic Acid.

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All ALOEDERMAL products are subject to several evaluations: effectiveness Clinical Test, evaluation of microbiological stability through Challenge Test, evaluation of irritating or sensitizing power through repeated epicutaneous test through a modification of the Shelanski & Shelanski test


Do we use Aloe Vera just because it’s “cool”? We most certainly don’t! In ancient Egypt, Greek and Rome Aloe was already used as an external remedy, to promote the healing process of wound (both in men and in the horses used in battles). Nearly 3000 years of history allowed us to widen our knowledge, as well as testing the beneficial properties of Aloe Vera.


Allergies are increasing more and more, and different allergic episodes are due to the preservatives, colorants and additives presence in the cosmetics products. For this reason, it’s better to use only “real natural” products: it’s not enough add a little bit of vegetable extract to a chemistry base, to define a product as “natural”.