ESI is a company that operates in the area of phytotherapy products, dietetic and nutritional supplementary food. It was established in 1975 by the current President, Antonio Maria Galleano. Initially, ESI srl brand identified a line of patented products imported from Switzerland. Later, we chose to make our own products, creating new formulas in line with scientific trends and market needs. Originally, the company started in Genoa. Later in 1992, it was moved to Albissola Marina, near Savona, in order to take advantage of a more spacious area. Currently, the factory settles on an 204.440 sq. feet area of which 107.000 sq. feet are covered and reserved for manufacturing. Another area is used for administrative and commercial purposes with a total of 90 employees. The company’s production installations are located at the highest levels of quality in today’s market.


The mission of ESI srl is to contribute to people’s well-being with products of the highest quality standards.


The company’s objective is to become an enterprise of reference in the study of Phytotherapy and dietetic nutritional supplements, and efficaciously compete, in the health field, with the most important manufacturers in today’s world market.

40 years of experience

An expertise developed in forty years in the business, thanks to our constant efforts directed towards scientific research, development of effective products and efficient innovation of formulations, as well as a strict selection and careful control of raw materials have led ESI srl to be among the leading companies in producing natural products. Production standards at the highest levels of quality are the result of latest-generation production facilities and research, development and control taking place in laboratories that are state of the art. The scrupulous ESI controls start from raw materials: the Quality Control Laboratory is directly involved in the organoleptic, physical-chemical and microbiological tests.


Since its first years of operation, the aim of the ESI mission has been to “become the leading company in the field of Herbal Medicine and Integration Dietetics and to compete effectively with the leading competitors in major world markets.” After 40 years of constant effort this goal has been achieved. In fact, thanks to a network of international distributors, ESI products are popular in more than 50 countries from South Africa to Finland, from the US to the Middle and Far East. This process of internationalization is growing every year as new markets are added to existing ones. And in selling abroad, we fly the Italian flag with pride: a small gesture to augment, with high-quality products, the image of Italy in the world.

Quality Control

The quality of our products is the company’s first rule that takes place:
  • In the selection and handling of selected raw materials.
  • In the extremely strict quality control executed in specifically equipped laboratories.
  • In the highest quality standards thanks to modern production and control facilities.

21 essential & fundamental procedures for quality control

  • Buy only the best raw materials from qualified suppliers and validated by ESI.
  • Store raw materials in appropriate locations, away from heat and humidity.
  • Test and assessment of all lots of all raw materials upon receipt, by physical-chemical and microbiological analyses, using established protocols and sophisticated methods of control in observance of technical specifications agreed with suppliers.
  • Switch lots to ensure the use of the most recent raw materials.
  • Where necessary, provide a higher dose of ingredients to ensure that the required amount at the end of the shelf life complies with the statements on the label.
  • Use of fillers, binders and other excipients of natural and / or vegetable origin.
  • Reduce in granules, where necessary, certain nutrients to ensure a homogeneous mixture of ingredients.
  • Produce in dehumidified environments to prevent damage to the nutrients sensitive to moisture.
  • Use the latest compression techniques avoiding the use of harmful elements.
  • When necessary, wrap uniformly the tablets up with a film immediately after production, to prevent moisture and oxidation from damaging the finished product.
  • Perform tests of disaggregation to ensure that tablets and capsules dissolve according to the time prescribed by the Pharmacopoeia, depending on the type of product.
  • Analitically check all lots of semi-finished before releasing the package.
  • Pack the product in bulk immediately after analysis.
  • Pack in containers and blister tablets, capsules and liquid according to the current regulations on hygiene and food safety.
  • Pack the product so as to minimize the effects of light, heat and humidity.
  • Use containers specifically made for food.
  • Periodically check those ingredients that characterize products to ensure their effectiveness until the end of shelf life.
  • Test and monitor of all lots of all finished products, by physical-chemical and microbiological analyses before marketing approval.
  • Keep an inventory with a sophisticated computer system, allowing yourself to carefully monitor stocks and offer fresh and recent production.
  • Ensure, however & always the implementation and updating of safety procedures, using the principles underlying the system of hazard analysis and critical control points.
  • Ensure complete traceability from the receipt of each lot of raw materials to the delivery of goods at point of sale pursuant to Regulation EC 178/2002.

Quality Certifications

ESI quality has obtained:
  • 1995 – the authorization from the Ministry of Health to produce dietetic products and food supplements
  • 1997 – the authorization to produce homeopathic medications
  • 1999 – the ISO 9001 Certification, that guarantees the absolute quality of ESI production
  • 2002 – the upgrade of the quality system to European regulations ISO 9001:2000
  • 2004 – ESI obtains the product certification for Aloe Vera Juices line
  • 2009 – ESI obtains from CCPB the authorization to commercialize organic products


The growing competitiveness within the market today, and the proper needs of more selective and informed costumers, encourage more than ever all productive and commercial companies to work under quality assurance conditions. In particular, regarding the food industry, the CEE directives regarding food hygiene have been carried out. Also, with the D.L. n. 155/97, the introduction of a Plan for Self Management (HACCP) to guarantee the products’ healthiness has become compulsory. HACCP system is a start, compulsory by law, towards a more global organization focused on quality. ESI leads the way among other companies in dietetic and health fields. It has followed the course of global quality, embracing a certified quality’s philosophy, which brings the company to a more direct approach with consumers. ESI has always been in total compliance with the norms of the HACCP system, guaranteeing that product manufacturing, storing and transportation follow current regulations. It has obtained the 9001 ISO CERTIFICATION, that guarantees the TOTAL QUALITY of its products, from planning to manufacturing and commercialization.

Thanks to the acknowledgement by prestigious entities in the IQ Net (The International Certification Network), the obtained certification is valid in all European countries, Canada, Japan and other highly developed countries in the world. The simultaneous introduction of the HACCP and the ISO 9001 Quality System brings a synergistic effect towards global quality. For ESI srl, working under quality assurance conditions, means having the possibility to offer services and products in compliance with legislations and specific regulations. Overall, we care about customers’ expectations.

Production Plants

Technology and innovation have always been two strengths in the history of ESI: natural products, but technologically advanced, continuous investment, to ensure maximum safety, combined with high production capacity. Our compression facilities are capable of compressing up to 300,000 tablets per hour, of various types and such as the cute little bears and dinosaurs for products aimed at children, to microtavolette or patented ovalette®. Capable of producing over 80,000 capsules per hour, in the different formats and 12,000 bottles per hour in the liquids department. This allows us to exceed 12 million finished products per year. ESI has developed and patented a special system for the realization of the Retard Capsule: 4 small differentiated release tablets are inserted inside a capsule.

This ensures a constant and gradual release of the active ingredients, giving the body time to assimilate and transport them throughout your body for an extended effect. ESI also has a sophisticated system for the coating of tablets, to make them easier to swallow. The liquid packaging department was recently expanded with the introduction of Pocket Drink®, practical sachets, particularly appreciated for their practicality. Exploiting the opportunities afforded by modern technology (such as the use of digital cameras) also allows you to refine procedures for packaging and offer the consumer a product of total quality in every respect.