The guarantees

Allergies are increasing more and more, and different allergic episodes are due to the preservatives, colorants and additives presence in the cosmetics products. For this reason, it’s better to use only “real natural” products: it’s not enough add a little bit of vegetable extract to a chemistry base, to define a product as “natural”. Also, and above all, the base of the product has to be natural (base means surfactants, emulsifiers and so on).

Natural active principles

Natural emulsifiers and surfactants

Are the 90-95% of a cosmetic product and
it’s important they are natural.

90 – 95%

Without preservatives or colouring agents

They are allergenic elements, so we have eliminated them

Natural excipients

Without mineral oils:

The mineral oils are a mix of hydrocarbons from petroleum. For example vaseline and paraffin. In addition to any dangerous causes, for a natural product is a good practice to use ingredients from source of renewable energy

Without substances of animal origin

so ideal also for vegan and vegetarian

Without parabens, phenoxyethanol

preservatives of chemical origin

Without sds:

surfactants of chemical origin

Low amount of perfumes:

considered allergenic


Hypoallergenicity clinical tests, effectiveness clinical tests

Lab tests

For evaluating stability in time. Considering that Aloedermal products are preservatives free, it’s right demonstrate that this products are stable and protected from external agents and from any act of going rancid

Airless pack:

use of innovative packages to avoid the contact with air and guarantee a better preservation of products