Stability test

The microbiological stability is an essential feature for the quality of cosmetic products.



Microorganisms can have chances of surviving and developing in a cosmetic product, damaging it a visible or less visible way, by altering its chemical and physical structure. The Challenge Test reproduces inside a lab the microbial aggressions that a product can be subjected to during its existence (production, storage, marketing, usage). This test allows to test the effectiveness of a preservative system in a cosmetic formulation and to forecast its microbiological stability.

According to the results we obtained, ALOEDERMAL products are classified as: low-risk products “appropriate preserving system”.

Safety test

Cosmetic products come to contact with our bodies (even with delicate or intimate areas) and are absorbed through the skin, therefore they must be safe; furthermore, they have to be effective.

The safety of Aloedermal products is guaranteed by thorough internal quality controls and it is confirmed by clinical hypoallergenic tests and by lab tests, showing their perfect preservation and stability in time. All Aloedermal products are subject to a tolerability evaluation, by establishing their irritating and/or sensitizing power.

A series of studies performed in Italy has reported that the ALOEDERMAL product line is “non-irritating” and “hypoallergenic”: none of the people subjected to Repeated Epicutaneous Tests has showed serious reactions (erythema and/or edema).

0,5 limit below which the product is classified as NON IRRITATING


Aloedermal products average figure: between 0 and 0,004

Anti-age cream


Anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle cream
Anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle cream